Glencairn Club Glass

Glencairn Club Glass

We are proud to present the Glencairn Club glass.  These glasses are not always easy to find in many stores. We do sell them for $19 each which includes shipping.  You are going to pay $11 plus tax in the store if you do find them, so why not support this site and become part of the club so we can tag you on Instagram every time you use it for whatever you are drinking? @GlencairnClub on Instagram is free – you simply just need to snap a photo of whatever you are drinking in a Glencairn glass.  It does not matter where you buy it or what the logo is, but if you want to be really cool… get one of ours to keep the movement growing!

Email us and we will tell you how to get one – its easy, just PayPal Us and in a few days you will have your official Whiskey or Whisky glass!

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