Gentlemen Bootleggers

Gentlemen Bootleggers
The True Story of Templeton Rye, Prohibition,
and a Small Town in Cahoots


For anyone that has ever wondered why or how the land of the free can take away a single civil liberty like the right to produce, sell, or drink alcohol, this book explains it.  While it gets boring at times, and while those details are very important to the story and history of prohibition, this is something that should be required reading for anyone who needs or wants to know anything about America.  Imagine a great country crippled by a small population of special interest groups.  This explains how farmer who simply got up at dawn to grow grain were suddenly made into criminals and not by choice.  Telling a farmer not to grow crops would be like telling a duck not to quack.  It is what it is and this is a brilliant story of how simple, hard working Americans suddenly became involved in the greatest US Government blunder ever.  And here is a spoiler: the Mafia only accounted for less than 5% of all illegal bootlegging.  So much for Al Capone.

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