Gelatissimo – Aruba


One of my most favorite cocktail bars is Gelatissimo in Aruba. It has all the right settings that I classify as a real winner, and one I dream about when I am facing tough cold winters up north.  Its on the main strip, its enclosed but in the open air and an excellent cocktail menu.  The best part is that if you get there before a certain time, all of those drinks are half price.

It has a really pleasant surrounding. It is connected to the Gianni Group which owns the pizzeria next door, the gelato place, and of course the flagship Gianni’s.  This is the best food I’ve ever had, and the gelato is excellent.  The fact that there is a bar attached makes it that much better.  You can even get a nice taste of Johnnie Walker Blue at a reasonable price.


Even the music they play is soothing. When I was there it was an eclectic mix of Buddha Bar and similar artists.  Its not pretentious and its not sophisticated, but it is a great place to get a drink, even if you want that drink to be fancy.

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