Frozen Pizza

Frozen Pizza Rankings

Its so very hard to test/taste/judge pizza.  Especially when its bad, and trust me, there is plenty of bad pizza out there and its not all frozen.  That being said, if you find a pizza you love, buy extra and freeze it. Its probably cheaper than the factory stuff you buy in the supermarket, and a hell of a lot better.

Here is the beginning running list…

  1. Dr. Oetker
  2. Stouffers
  3. Mystic Pizza
  4. Tree Tavern
  5. De Giorno
  6. Celentano (no longer made)
  7. Ellio’s Frozen (its gotten worse as years have gone on)
  8. Tombstone Frozen (gotten worse over time)
  9. Celeste (it is cheap at .99cents per serving, which could feed 1.5 people I think)

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