Floridita Floridita Daquiri #1

Floridita – Havana, Cuba


In the 1930s Americans who had the money and means to travel would seek out destinations where they could enjoy, amongst other things, a good drink.  It is truly transcendental (spiritual, sentimental) to actually enter a place where legends once frequented, let alone where a cocktail was created and remained popular nearly 100 years later.

Floridita in Havana is such a place. Ernest Hemingway, the great American writer, journalist and Nobel Prize winner, came here to enjoy a simple but perfect drink in the warmer climate.  A Daiquiri, which is a cocktail made from fresh lime juice, and of course rum is a drink which has a life and history of its own.  If you like rum, but have never been fortunate enough to have Havana Club, you will see what you are missing.  If you cannot get to Cuba, substitute it with any rum you like, but it should be light rum, and while Bacardi will work fine, try something that comes close like Venezuelan rum.


12829337_10156616164800383_4451805536768841946_oFloridita Daquiri #1

  • 60ml Havana Club light rum
  • 5ml Luxardo Maraschino
  • 15ml Fresh lime juice
  • 10ml Fresh pink grapefruit juice
  • 15ml Simple Syrup (2 parts sugar dissolved into 1 part water)

If you are a cocktail archeologist, a history buff or just into really cool stuff, you have to put this on your bucket list.  Any as with any bucket list when it comes to booze or food, be sure to sample the drinks in other places before you come. This way, when you visit you will see how close (or far) many other places come to interpreting the classics.

Color Photos Courtesy of Darcy S. O'Neil, Art of Drink

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