Food & History: February 28

Food & History: February 28

1553  Michel de Montaigne born, a French essayist who had noted quotes about food and dining, one being “A man should not so much respect what he eats, as with whom he eats.”

1942  ‘Moonlight Cocktail’ by Glenn Miller was #1 on the music charts.

1956  Knott’s Berry Farm registers its trademark for syrups, jelly and jam.

1957  British celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott born.

2009  Reduced demand for butter & cheese and falling milk prices forced dairy farmers in the USA to sell hundreds of thousands of dairy cows to be slaughtered for meat.  It is estimated are that more than 15% of the 9.3 million dairy cows are sold for meat.

2010  Rose Gray dies, one of the most influential British chefs and restaurateurs of the 20th century.

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