Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

Spirit: Bourbon Whiskey, Barrel Proof 136 Proof (68% Alcohol)
Retail Price: $60, Good value for Barrel Proof whiskey

Elijah Craig is named after the Father of Bourbon, or so the marketing people of this brand suggest.  Its good bourbon for sure no matter what the back story.

Whiskey aficionados prefer barrel proof because it is not watered down and is the same way master distillers are tasting it.  Other than it being higher in proof, it is fuller in flavor as well.

This year’s edition of is warm as hell.  By that I mean its not spicy, but once I swallowed it, I felt the polyphenols tickling the back of my throat and my chest got warm.  Some might think this is obvious since its 136 proof, but Jack Daniels Barrel Proof at 131 proof did not have that strong of an effect on me.  This is the reason why I generally do not like barrel proof. It leaves that burn in the back of your throat which makes it hard to enjoy anything else for the rest of the evening.  Now I know people who love whiskey like this, and obviously it sells and is in demand, but its just not for me.  The only way I can enjoy it is over a single solid clear cube of ice to cool it down and bring out some of the flavors so I can taste it without the heat.  Once its diluted and cooled off you will find its a really good whiskey, complex, with a lot of flavor. You just have to “disarm” it a bit with a cold ice cube for a couple of minutes in order to enjoy it.  Even the little tag suggests “add water to your liking if you choose”.  I just want to add, make sure its ice cold water and/or an ice cube made from pure water, not ice water made from tap or the sink.

Its really hard to find a really good quality bourbon of barrel proof at this retail price, so its a really good value.

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