The big news this week was the Eclipse.  This is when the moon blocks the sun and if you have the right pair of protective glasses for viewing, it can be interesting.  Eclipses happen about every 18 months, but they are usually in an area of the globe where it cannot be seen like over an ocean or the North or South Pole. The chance of one of them happening where you live is approximately once every 10 years, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Either way, it was a big deal this year.  I guess with so much negative news in the press and media, it was time to focus on something else.  Many rooftop bars in cities featured an Eclipse cocktail, and if you order it, you get a free pair of glasses to view it without damaging your eyes.  Some stores were selling these glasses as little as $3 and others as much as $25 per pair.

So what is the Eclipse cocktail? I guess it depends on your bartender or mixologist. For me, its a simple cocktail based on the Dark & Stormy.  You put your ginger beer in the bottom of the glass, you add a sphere iceball and you slowly drizzle dark rum over the top of it.  You allow it to rest a few minutes, then you sip. It is fairly simple, much like the eclipse itself. Enjoy!


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