Easy Mojito Cocktail

The Easy Mojito Cocktail


There is an easy way to make the classic mojito cocktail. This one is less intense with labor and far easier, especially when you are throwing a party and need to make a large batch of them.

First let us break it down: the mojito is basically fresh lime juice, sugar, seltzer or club soda, mint and rum.  So, the easiest shortcut to take is to use lemon lime soda like 7Up or Sprite. There is your sugar, seltzer and lime.  Just muddle some fresh mint (that is a must), fill a highball glass with icecubes, add 1-2 ounces or 50ml of silver/white/blanco rum and fill the rest of the glass with the lemon-lime soda of your choice, stir, serve.  It is that easy. Enjoy!

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