Food & History: December 16

Food & History: December 16

1773  The Boston Tea Party begins the American Revolution when a group of men dressed as Indians, boarded ships and dumped hundreds of tons of tea into the Boston Harbor.

1777  Barbe-Nicole Clicquot born, The Grand Dame of Champagne. When she was 27 years old she took over her husband Francois Clicquot’s champagne house upon his death.  

1835  The original Delmonico & Brother Cafe at 23 William Street was destroyed by fire.

1863  Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought the Amsterdam brewery, which dated back to 1592.  This was the beginning of Heineken beer.

1903 The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower opened in Mumbai, India’s first Luxury hotel.

1980  Kentucky Fried Chicken Founder Harland Sanders dies.

2004  Country Music singer Willie Nelson opens his own restaurant called the Texas Roadhouse Grill in Austin, Texas.

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