Darby Road Pub

Darby Road Pub

Darby Road Public House (Pub) has been in Scotch Plains since 2012.  You should probably come here to drink or grab a casual bite. While the menu is interesting its not carried out very well.

They offer a wide variety of different appetizers you might find in traditional Irish Bars like Irish Tacos which is a clever name for “potato shells” (potato chips) with ground beef, lamb, lettuce, tomato and Irish cheddar cheese.

Other appetizers include pierogi, mini corn dogs, drunken garlic clams (cooked in beer and butter), “Willy’s Wings” with Jameson BBQ sauce, and reuben fritters, which is basically an egg roll filled with corned beef, swiss cheese and sauerkraut (this was my favorite).

The menu is pretty extensive and different from the grilled chicken and apple walnut salad (which is gluten free) to sandwiches like paseo pork with cucumber, jalepeño tomato jam and sweet chili aioli. Of course there are burgers as well, what you see here is the “Jersey Burger” which comes with a fried egg and Taylor Ham – “fuhgetaboutit!” (as it says on the menu).

My friend asked the waitress “what is the one dish I should order here if I can never come back?” Such a great question, and the waitress said the Chicken & Waffles. I was envious because that is the dish I thought of ordering. I opted for the corned beef sandwich, after all, it was around St. Patrick’s Day and I needed my corned beef fix.  Besides, what else would you order in an Irish Pub?  Unfortunately I was disappointed.  So I asked my friend how the chicken and waffles were and he said “it was more like chicken fingers and waffles”.

Here is the dish he got, 3/4 of a small waffle and two nugget size pieces of chicken. It was accompanied by sausage gravy and maple syrup, but if you thought $12 for this dish was going to fill you up, you are going to leave hungry.

The staff here is friendly and helpful, but the food or the portions leave a lot to be desired.  Come here to drink, as long as its nothing fancy. They have your typical draft beers, wine, whiskey, even your fancy Specialty and Irish Coffee drinks, but the food should only be ordered to put something in your stomach since you should never drink on an empty stomach.

If for some reason you love the clever and interesting dishes they create, they do have a food truck too, and you can find out more on their website listed below.

Darby Road Pub & Restaurant
450 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains NJ 07076



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