Daniel’s Steak & Chop Aruba

Daniel’s Steak & Chop Aruba

My girlfriend loves steak and does not like fish.  She is the opposite of me.  I love seafood, and to me, steak is the simplest thing in the world to cook.  It has to be fresh and the mystery ends there.  I rarely go out for something I can easily cook at home.  But, she wants steak so we are off to a steak house this particular evening.

The outside is nice, but its really warm and there are misquotes, so we decide to dine inside.  The waiter brings Johnnycakes with garlic-cheese dipping sauce.  They are hot, they are good. Its too easy to enjoy these and not think about all the food that is coming. Johnnycakes are a fried bread made from cornmeal and date back hundreds of years from Jamaica all the way up to the Northeastern United States.

The appetizer was big enough for two.  The artichoke was dummied-down, almost ingenious.  I should have thoeught of it.  Most cooking shows will tell you to tear off all the outer leaves and just carve out the heart of the artichoke.  However, for me growing up, the best part was peeling off each leave and scraping off the soft part of the leaf to eat along with the delicious bread stuffing between each layer.   Here what they did was leave the outer leaves in tack, but carved out the middle, tore out the spiny thorns that you can choke on, and they chopped it up, added cheese and fine ground breadcrumbs and re-inserted into the middle of a huge artichoke.

For the main course I order the mixed grill which includes baby lamb chops, sausage, and filet mignon on a bed of vegetables of carrot, string beans and zucchini.  The meats were delicious, however the lamb was either not cooked properly and/or had a very strange texture to them.  I didn’t eat all of it, only a small piece.  I mentioned it to the waiter.  Otherwise, it was a great dish.  One of the side orders was a delicious four cheese risotto.


Daniel’s Steak & Chop
J.E Irausquin Blvd, 348
Palm Beach, Aruba
+297 586 1144


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