Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre


The Cuba Libre is a classic cocktail and probably the most simple. It is basically a Rum & Coke with a good squeeze of lime.  Some recipes call for equal parts of lime and cola, but that is a bit much.  I think a quarter squeeze of lime is enough.  In the old days I used to enjoy a wedge of lemon.  However, the true Cuba Libre is made with what used to be Cuban Bacardi rum, but is now Havana Club.  When Castro seized all the corporations and made them government controlled, Bacardi fled and later won a lawsuit so the Cuban Bacardi brand is now called Havana Club.  You will see the same brand with two identities, one Cuban, the other non-cuban.  This is the case with Romeo & Julieta cigars, Partagas, etc etc.  Once the families of these companies fled, they felt their name, logo and product was theirs and had the right to keep it.  In the case of Bacardi, you can find some pre-Castro bottles of Bacardi rum from the early 1960s now selling for thousands of dollars.

The recipe could not be easier, just pour 1.5oz or 50ml of rum into a glass and add the Coca-Cola.  Give a good squeeze, about 1/4 of fresh lime juice and serve.

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