Corrado’s Market

Corrado’s Market

Corrado’s Market in Fairfield is a spinoff of their gigantic store in Clifton.  I call it spinoff because this is a family owned business, and not a major corporation.  This is a genuine family business, in fact they say that at any given time one of the family members is on-site at the store to speak to should you need to for any reason.

This store was once Vince’s Family Market.  Back then it was really cool for retro reasons. It is still small and friendly but missing are the numerous dozens or hundreds of old milk bottles that were collected over the ages.  Today its a dairy section of the market.

When you walk in you notice the attention to produce, its a sizable section of the market, at least 25% of the relatively small space.  They have a wide variety of Italian and other cheeses, pasta and other ethnic foods.  Their meat and seafood is limited. I am guessing because in the Mediterranean diet focuses more on fruits, vegetables and grains rather than meat and seafood. If you visit their flagship store in Clifton you will find a very large variety of meats and fish.  This location is not the place to come for fish and seafood.

This location does have its share of different types of sausage including chicken, “Brooklyn” and other varieties.

What I like about this place is the fact that you will have the family members not just on site, but tending to the customers, running the register and other tasks that most owners would delegating to others.  These guys are “hands on”.  The other thing I like is that they are old school, meaning they gather, cook, cure just like a lot of the old school Italians. One year there was a problem with the raw green olives from California. A fungus or disease did not yield enough for them to buy.  I remember one of the owners saying “I could not even get any for myself to cure this year”.  This shows they are doing things the old fashioned way and care about what they buy and stock.

If you are into winemaking, the Clifton location is where everyone locally goes for the grapes. They even sell wine making tools and hardware including the barrels and stainless steel containers for fermenting.

At this location you are not going to find a wide variety of cleaning chemicals or any cosmetics, but if you want produce, this is where you go.  Everything else you go to the local Supermarket or their Clifton location.

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