Cocktails are just as long of a list as culinary dishes.  There are vintage cocktails that are long gone because the ingredients and/or spirits are no longer available, then there are modern ones that call for new liqueurs such as St. Germain, Godiva and don’t even get me started on all the artificially infused vodka flavors.  While the list can easily run into the hundreds if not thousands, here I want to break down the most common cocktails you can (or should) be able to get at any bar, even if its a nationwide chain or even borderline dive.

The classics any home bartender or someone who is entertaining should know how to prepare, they are simple and its not really all that hard to remember the ingredients as there are only usually two or three.

Polynesian Tiki Drinks are a bit more complicated because there are so many variations, so here you do need a recipe guide.

Modern or Signature Cocktails most definitely everyone needs guidance on because they post date most text books on creating cocktails.

We divided these up into sections:

Vintage Cocktails  /  Classic Cocktails  /  Polynesian Tiki  /  Modern Cocktails  /  Signature Drinks

Classic Cocktails

Click here for Tiki Cocktails

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