Claremont Distillery

Claremont Distillery

Claremont Distilled Spirits is located in Fairfield, New Jersey. Founded in 2014, they are now an Award winning distillery who set out to prove that world class spirits could be produced in the “Garden State” of New Jersey. They use New Jersey potatoes in the production of their vodka.   Many of their flavored product offerings take advantage of New Jersey being among the nation’s largest producers of a variety of fruits including Blueberries and Peaches.  They are proudly owned by, produced, and sold by native, lifelong New Jerseyans.

It is the largest craft distillery in New Jersey, and has 4,000 gallons of fermentation capacity and 1,000 gallons of distillation capacity.  They operate three stills including a hybrid still for making whiskey and moonshine.  The large pot still and custom made of 23 foot dual column still for making vodkas is the equivalent of more than 20 times distilled.


Claremont Vodka is the first and only craft spirit produced in New Jersey to be awarded a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition the most highly regarded spirits competition in the world.  In addition, Wine Enthusiast Magazine named Claremont Vodka a Top 100 Spirit of 2016 giving it a 93 point rating.  Our NJD Moonshine has also been recognized as a superior product being awarded a silver medal at the Denver International Spirits Competition.




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