Chestnut Cafe

Chestnut Cafe


Sometimes you just need to take a break from the bar and drinking scene and get some good food. The Chestnut Cafe has a menu like a diner and feel of a restaurant with the friendliness of a family owned business.  It is all of these things and better.   I mean really, who never thought of this before?  Maybe they have, but Buffalo Fries with crumbled blue cheese and cool ranch dipping sauce.  This is just genius… they turned a side into an awesome appetizer.


So, eggs have been on my mind.  I downloaded Michael Ruhlman’s newest book yesterday, simply titled ‘Egg’.  The longer title is A Culinary Exploration of the World’s Most Versatile Ingredient.  More on that later, but since I almost never have breakfast (maybe once or twice a year, unless I eat it for lunch or dinner), it seems a perfect time to try the signature dish and one that my friend recommends since he is a regular here.  The Signature Portobello Eggs Benedict.  Of all the ways to prepare eggs, I love poached eggs the best.  So, this is a dish I have to try.  Its two poached eggs on top of two portobello mushroom tops, topped with Hollandaise sauce, goat cheese and baby artichoke hearts.


While this is a great dish and the potatoes delicious, the problem is, there is no bread or english muffin to soak up the egg yolk or Hollandaise sauce. I tried to use the potatoes, but there was much more sauce leftover on the plate than should have been.  This dish, while creative and tasty, definitely needs some layer of bread somewhere to capture the runny egg yolk, otherwise its wasted.  The nice touch was the artichoke hearts and the goat cheese.

Hey, this was just my first stop, I will definitely be by again, they have such an extensive menu, great coffee and such a friendly atmosphere, I have to return soon.  Plus its a family business, and they need to be supported more than the conglomerate chains.  We need small family owned businesses just as much as the national chains… both can live in harmony, and they should.


Check out the full menu… it takes some time to read!

Chestnut Cafe
338 Passaic Ave Nutley NJ 07110

Phone: 973.798.2226 Email:

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