Kings County Distillery Gatehouse

April 1, 2017 0

Kings County Distillery Gatehouse The Gatehouse just outside the Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn’s Navy yard is basically serves as a tasting room for all the […]


March 25, 2017 0

Pisco Pisco is a South American type of brandy made from distilled grapes. It is generally lighter in color since it is not aged barrels […]

Pisco Sour

March 5, 2017 0

Pisco Sour The Pisco Sour is a classic cocktail, not the best known, but it is indeed a classic.  While its origins are in Peru, […]


March 3, 2017 0

Cordials A cordial falls into the category as an after dinner drink, a dessert for drinkers of sorts.  For example, the Italians would favor liqueurs […]


February 15, 2017 0

Arak It’s been years since I’ve drank anything like Raki, which is the Turkish version of this fine spirit. The best description I can give […]

Fine & Rare

February 2, 2017 0

Fine & Rare NYC – Fine Food / Rare Spirits Fine & Rare is a remarkable place for the finest spirits. Its by the same people of […]

Good Eats

January 31, 2017 0

Good Eats If there is any one show that combines comedy, cooking, culture and the very basics of cooking with the complexity of science, its […]

Bottle Hunting

January 27, 2017 0

Bottle Hunting Bottle hunting has become the new craze amongst spirits enthusiasts.  While I am sure this has been around for quite some time, it […]

My Darling Clementine

January 18, 2017 0

My Darling Clementine Oh My Darling Clementine is an American folk song about gold miners dating back to 1884. This is my own personal creation […]

Price Gouging

January 17, 2017 0

Price Gouging When I was just out of college I got my first job in Manhattan.  Somehow, somewhere I found a coupon for a free beer. […]

James F.C. Hyde Whiskey

January 15, 2017 0

James F.C. Hyde Original Sorgho Whiskey Spirit: Sorgho Whiskey; 86 Proof (43% Alcohol) Retail Price: $45 Whiskey can be made from any grain. Typically American whiskey uses corn […]

Hard Cider

January 8, 2017 0

Hard Cider Once upon a time in America hard cider was the most popular beverage.  Think of it as the soda of today.  It was […]


January 2, 2017 0

Rakia Rakia is most roughly categorized as Albanian Moonshine.  That is how an Albanian would describe it to someone who has never heard of it. Now, […]


December 27, 2016 0

Tequila Tequila is a spirit made exclusively from the Blue Agave plant, and by Mexican law, can only  be produced in the state of Jalisco and […]

Jamie’s Cigar Bar

December 26, 2016 0

Jamie’s Cigar Bar Its been a long winter, its hard to smoke outdoors, and even harder to find a local place that favors cigar smokers. […]

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