August 10, 2018 0

Leone’s Montclair Leone’s has been at this location since 1995. I am surprised I did not discover it sooner but it is interesting to note […]

Food & History: June 21

June 20, 2018 0

Food & History: June 21 1910  Johnnie Walker & Sons register its trademark  for their blended of Scotch whiskies. 1985  Ettore “Hector” Boiardi dies (better […]

Food & History: June 15

June 14, 2018 0

Food & History: June 15 1851  Jacob Fussell opens the first commercial ice cream factory. 1914  Bob Wian born, founder of the Big Boy restaurant […]

Papa’s Tomato Pies

April 29, 2018 0

Papa’s Tomato Pies Papa’s Tomato Pies claims to be the oldest pizzeria in the United States. The only pizzeria that might dispute that would be […]

Food & History: March 25

March 24, 2018 0

Food & History: March 25 1775  George Washington planted pecan trees (some of which still survive) at Mount Vernon. The trees were supposedly a gift to […]

Fishy Fridays in Lent

February 24, 2018 0

Fishy Fridays in Lent The symbol above which resembles a fish was used when Christianity was still illegal. It was a sign that Christians were […]

Food & History: February 9

February 9, 2018 0

Food & History: February 9 National Pizza Day 1894  Hershey’s Chocolate Company founded. 1901  American restauranteur Fred Harvey dies in Leavenworth, Kansas.   Please follow […]

Food & History: January 16

January 15, 2018 0

Food & History: January 16 National Fig Newton Day 1868  William Davis, from Detroit receives a patent for a refrigerator car. 1894  Charles H. Phillips […]

Pizza Terminal

September 30, 2017 0

Pizza Terminal So, I found my little slice of Heaven, no pun intended.  Just off a busy Bloomfield Avenue intersection in Verona, New Jersey on the […]

Mancinni’s Coal Oven Pizza

September 16, 2017 0

Mancinni’s Coal Oven Pizza  In 2015 this was rated one of the top 25 places to visit for foodies. The pizza was exceptional, the Mushroom […]

Pizza Ratings

August 30, 2017 0

Pizza Ratings So we decided to revise this and start over.  The list got too long and not enough details were given.  And quite frankly, […]


January 23, 2017 0

Angeloni’s Restaurant & Pizzeria I finally found the most perfect piece of pizza which eliminates most of the guilt of eating more then two slices. […]

Kesté Pizza & Vino

January 21, 2017 0

Kesté Pizza & Vino The first time I ate here was years ago when my cousin, award winning photographer Massimo Cristaldi was staying here for his […]

Linda’s Dutch Pancakes & Pizza

January 1, 2017 0

Linda’s Dutch Pancakes & Pizza Aruba At first I was hesitant about a place that made only pancakes and pizzas.  Pancakes, sure. Pizza, sure. but […]

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