January 26, 2019 0

Minestrone Soup Minestrone is probably one of the oldest and easiest soups to make.  It dates back to Roman times and is on practically every […]

Food & History: December 15

December 15, 2018 0

Food & History: December 15 1903  Italian immigrant Italo Marchiony receives a US patentfor an ice cream cup mold that folds warm waffles into a […]


November 11, 2018 0

Risotto Risotto is an Italian short grain Arborio rice.  It is a creamy delicious rice which is wet compared to dry like other cooked rice. […]

The Italian Diabetes Cookbook

October 16, 2018 0

Italian Diabetes Cookbook Delicious and Healthful Dishes from Venice to Sicily and Beyond by Amy Riolo  At its core, classic Italian cuisine is all about preparing […]

Village Trattoria

September 23, 2018 0

Village Trattoria This was not my first choice for pizza in South Orange. The place I wanted to go to did not open until 2pm. […]

Bella Gente

September 23, 2018 0

Bella Gente Delicious brick oven pizza is the very least you will come here for. Bella Gente has been at this location for decades.  The […]

King Umberto

September 23, 2018 0

King Umberto King Umberto has been around since 1976.  In all honesty I have not visited King Umberto’s in Elmont NY in quite a long […]

Handcrafted Monsey NY

September 22, 2018 0

Hand Crafted Yes, there is Kosher pizza. And if its Kosher pizza you require or desire, then Handcrafted in Monsey in New York State is […]

Food & History: September 22

September 21, 2018 0

Food & History: September 22 1903  Italian Immigrant Italo Marchiony applies for a patent for the ice cone mold. 2002  Founder of Dunkin Donuts William […]

Tony D’s Pizzeria

September 14, 2018 0

Tony D’s Pizzeria It is easy to overlook this place stuck between a barber shop and a public parking lot on a side street.  They […]

Razza Pizza Artigianale

September 14, 2018 0

Razza Pizza Artigianale To say this is the best pizza in New Jersey, it is very subjective and there will always be someone who argues […]

Pipeline World Trade Center

September 11, 2018 0

Pipeline World Trade Center The Pipeline in Lower Manhattan was a restaurant at the base of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center.  There […]

Sauce or Gravy?

September 4, 2018 0

Sauce or Gravy? Every once in awhile someone on social media gets bored and starts an online argument about whether Italians call it “sauce or […]

Roasted Pancetta Potatoes

September 4, 2018 0

Roasted Pancetta Potatoes I adapted this from Lidia Bastianch’s recipe.  This variation omits the whole slices of pancetta on the bottom of the glass baking […]

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