March 13, 2016 0

Sangria Its not hard to imagine how sangria was invented and came to be.  In fact, I invent it every time I buy a really […]

Floridita Floridita Daquiri #1

March 13, 2016 0

Floridita – Havana, Cuba In the 1930s Americans who had the money and means to travel would seek out destinations where they could enjoy, amongst other things, […]

Bloody Caesar

March 10, 2016 0

A Bloody Caesar for The Ides of March The Ides of March by the Roman Calendar is March 15th.  It is one of the most […]


March 9, 2016 0

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum   Spirit:  Rum Origin:  Venezuela Price: $40/ 700ml bottle (not easy to find, but not rare) Proof:  80 (40% alcohol) Taste: […]

St. Patrick’s Day

March 9, 2016 0

St. Patrick’s Day I know this is probably futile, but I feel a need to write about it regardless. Regardless of what anyone tells you, […]


March 9, 2016 0

Caipirinhas Cachaça is the national spirt of Brazil.  Its a rum, but its not like any rum you’ve ever tasted, in fact you can immediately tell […]

Elephant Gin

March 8, 2016 0

Elephant Gin Spirit: Gin Origin: Germany Alcohol: 45% / 90 Proof Price: $40 for 350ml (half size bottle) Taste: A lot of citrus, lemon, orange, […]

Mixology vs. Bartending

March 5, 2016 0

Mixology (not bartending) Just a brief reflection on mixology.  When to use it, when not to use it and what the difference is between a […]


March 5, 2016 0

Cocktails Webster’s Dictionary defines a cocktail as: An iced drink of wine or distilled liquor mixed with flavoring ingredients Something resembling or suggesting such a […]

Cocktail Bitters

March 2, 2016 0

Bitters often look what would be in a medicine cabinet a century ago.  And, if you were to guess that, you would most likely be […]

The Nomad Hotel

March 2, 2016 0

The Nomad Hotel I’ve been meaning to get here for some time.  One can never be sure if a recommendation is just trendy, self-serving or […]

Woodstack Pizza NJ

March 2, 2016 0

Woodstack Pizza Restaurant Pizza has become an abused and over-used culinary attraction these days.  So when I saw one of my former favorite restaurants completely […]

Three Sixty Vodka

March 2, 2016 0

360 Three Sixty Vodka   This Review is in Dutch, English Translation below. This review is courtesy of Stefan of @vodkareview at   In Nederland […]

Sazerac Cocktail

March 2, 2016 0

INGREDIENTS 60ml Sazerac Rye Whiskey (substitute at your own discretion) 5ml Absinthe Sugar Cube or teaspoon sugar Peychaud’s Bitters Angostura Bitters Lemond Rind Garnish This […]

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