• Portuguese is their language, not Spanish, like the rest of South America, because it was settled by the Portuguese.
  • Reals is the form of currency and as of 2017 you can get $3 Reals back for one US American Dollar.
  • Brasilia is the Capital, not Rio De Janeiro as many might think.  Although Rio & Sao Paulo are the key cities economically, culturally and for tourism.
  • Cachaça is the national drink, its a harsher version of rum.
  • Soccer or “Futbol” is their national sport, and that is an understatement, its seemingly more important than religion or even life itself at times.
  • September 7 is Independence Day from Portugal
  • Politics are very complicated. They were once a military dictatorship and are now striving get out of a corrupt environment. They are also a socialist country in certain aspects

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