Bourdain Trail

Bourdain Trail

There really is no valid argument that Anthony Bourdain was not the world’s most travelled person. He travelled more than 200 days per year, and was only home in Manhattan about twice a week.  This is a weak attempt to catalog all the places he has been. If I win the lottery tomorrow and become a billionaire and live to be 100 I still won’t be able to visit all these places.  The best thing about this list is that they are all very attainable if you live in the USA.  He was not about fancy expensive restaurants you needed a reservation to get into.

This is just a fun attempt to list as many as I can so you too can gain some insight to Anthony Bourdain’s travels, hangouts, etc.  This is the short list to get you on the Bourdain Trail, and you can research more by searching hashtags like #bourdaintrail – just be sure to verify he was at these places and its not just a really low, lame attempt for business owners to patronize their  business, service or product. These below are certainly verified either thru his shows, books, interviews, Instagram, etc.

  • B&H Dairy Restaurant (Manhattan NY)
  • Beauty Bar (Las Vegas NV)
  • Bobby Flay’s (Las Vegas NV)
  • Bootlegger (Las Vegas NV)
  • Carnevino (Las Vegas NV)
  • Dock’s Oyster House (Atlantic City NJ)
  • Donkey’s Place (Camden NJ)
  • Double Down Saloon (Las Vegas NV)
  • Frankies Tiki Room (Las Vegas NV)
  • Frank’s Deli (Asbury Park NJ)
  • Gencarelli’s (Bloomfield NJ)
  • Gray’s Papaya (Manhattan NY)
  • Hiram’s Roadstand (Fort Lee NJ)
  • In & Out Burger (Fast Food Chain)
  • Jade Island (Staten Island NY)
  • James’ Salt Water Taffy (Atlantic City NJ
  • Jiro’s Sushi Restaurant (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong (Manhattan NY)
  • Knife & Fork (Atlantic City NJ)
  • Kubel’s (Barnegat Light NJ)
  • Lammy’s (Bronx, NY)
  • Le Bernadin (Manhattan NY)
  • Le Parker Meridien (Manhattan NY)
  • Les Halles [CLOSED] (Manhattan NY) 
  • Liebman’s Deli (Bronx NY)
  • Lost Horse Saloon (Marfa TX)
  • Lotus of Siam (Las Vegas NV)
  • Lucille’s Country Cooking (Barnegat NJ)
  • Mac’s Club Deuce Bar (Miami FL)
  • Mission Chinese (Manhattan NY)
  • Pastrami Queen (Manhattan NY)
  • PDT (Manhattan NY)
  • Porter House Bar & Grill (Manhattan NY)
  • Raku (Las Vegas NV)
  • Satin Dolls (Lodi NJ)
  • Sea Shore (Bronx City Island NY)
  • Shake Shack (Manhattan NY)
  • Takashi (Manhattan NY)
  • Tonga Room (San Francisco CA)
  • Tony & Ruth’s Steaks (Camden NJ)
  • Tony’s Baltimore Grill (Atlantic City NJ)
  • Torishin (Manhattan NY)
  • Wakamba Cocktail Lounge (Manhattan NY)
  • Waffle House (South Carolina)
  • Waldorf-Astoria (Manhattan NY)
  • White Castle (Fast Food Chain)
  • Yakitori Totto (Manhattan NY)

Favorite Products:

  • Archer (His voice and likeness even appeared on one episode)
  • Balvenie Scotch Whisky
  • Big Gay Ice Cream
  • Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • Chock Full O’ Nuts (his favorite coffee you can enjoy anywhere, he made it in a Mr. Coffee machine)
  • Chopped Cheese (regional to the Bronx, basically a cheeseburger chopped up on sesame seed bun)
  • Clarks Suede Desert Boots
  • CNN (not only his final network, but he enjoyed many of the shows carried by this channel/network)
  • Eggs (while he loved all food he was particularly fond of eggs done the right way)
  • Old Fitzgerald Bourbon
  • Fried Pork Rinds (I saw him eating these in person, he did not touch any of the catered food)
  • Garlic (always fresh)
  • Global’s G-2 Chef’s Knife
  • Guinness Stout
  • Heiniken Beer
  • iPhone (I personally saw him with one and the “plus” model makes an appearance in some of his episodes)
  • Jameson Black Irish Whiskey (Las Vegas Episode of Parts Unknown)
  • KFC Mac & Cheese (as seen on a Conan O’Brien Interview)
  • Modelo Beer
  • Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon
  • Popeye’s Mac & Cheese (he also says KFC in a Conan O’Brien interview)
  • Tumi Luggage
  • Wüsthof Offset Serrated Knives

Other Products

  • Bud Light (West Virginia Episode Parts Unknown)
  • Chocolate Egg Cream (Lower East Side Episode Parts Unknown)

I know I am missing miles of printed pages here, but if you can think of one I missed,
please email me so I can add it in. This is an active running list and I update it as often as I can.


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