Bourbon is classified as a Whiskey.  There is nothing more truly American than Bourbon.  Its laws are very specific and were created that way in order to avoid taxation from the British before the Colonies gained independence to become the United States of America.  Bourbon is a whiskey, and while all bourbon is whiskey, not all whiskey is bourbon.  Below is an explanation as to why, as the law is outlined.

Bourbon, by law, mandates:

  • It must be made of at least 51% corn.
  • It must be produced in the USA (it is not true that it must be produced only in Kentucky).
  • It must be aged in new charred white American Oak barrels
  • It must be aged at no more than 65% alcohol (130 proof), and bottled at no lower than 40% alcohol (80 proof).
  • It must be cut (diluted) with only Kentucky limestone water.

See the theme here? It can only be made and produced with all American products.  It is interesting to note that some of the most prized Scotch is aged in barrels that once stored and aged Bourbon.  By law, once the Bourbon is poured from the barrel it cannot be reused.  It must be destroyed or exported.  No sense in destroying a good barrel, so its common to find Scotland using a lot of ex-Bourbon barrels.

This list of Bourbon is strictly a guideline.  It is not complete, but we hope it is somewhat comprehensive.  This list might not include special editions or experimental flavors or techniques of a specific brand, etc.  You will find many new ones popping up as the trend toward whiskey continues.  Likewise, you will some disappear, or become extremely hard to find since they are bought up quickly and sold on a secondary market like ticket scalpers for your favorite music concert for as much as 10 times the price.

  1. Balcones
  2. Barrell
  3. Barterhouse
  4. Basil Hayden’s
  5. Black Dirt
  6. Black Ridge
  7. Blade & Bow
  8. Blanton’s
  9. Blood Oath
  10. Booker’s
  11. Bowman Brothers
  12. Breaker
  13. Bulleit
  14. Buffalo Trace
  15. Burnside
  16. Colonel EH Taylor
  17. Cooper’s Mark
  18. Copper Pony
  19. Darby’s
  20. Eagle Rare
  21. Early Times
  22. Elijah Craig
  23. Elmer T. Lee
  24. Evan Williams
  25. Four Roses
  26. Forged Oak
  27. George Stagg
  28. Gifted Horse
  29. Hayes Parker
  30. Heaven Hill
  31. High West
  32. Hudson
  33. IW Harper
  34. Jack Daniels
  35. Jefferson’s
  36. Jesse James
  37. Jim Beam
  38. Larceny
  39. Kings County
  40. Knob Creek
  41. Lost Prophet
  42. Maker’s Mark
  43. Michter’s
  44. Noah’s Mill
  45. Old Blowhard
  46. Old Crow
  47. Old Forester
  48. Old Grand Dad
  49. Old Rip Van Winkle
  50. Old Weller Antique
  51. Orphan Barrel
  52. Pappy Van Winkle
  53. Redemption
  54. Rhetoric
  55. Ridgewood Reserve 1792
  56. Rock Hill Farms
  57. Rock Town
  58. Rowan’s Creek
  59. Russel’s Reserve
  60. Small Batch 1792
  61. Smooth Ambler
  62. Stagg Junior
  63. Town Branch
  64. Van Winkle Family Reserve
  65. Wathen’s
  66. Widow Jane
  67. Wild Turkey
  68. Willett
  69. Woodford Reserve
  70. Yellowstone
  71. Zackariah Harris


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