B-Lux Grill & Bar

B-Lux Grill & Bar
at Kalahari Resort Poconos

They advertise themselves as “Burgers, Shakes & Fries” but it is really so much more than that.  This is not your typical burger joint, fast casual or otherwise.  They take everything from just their burgers, fries and shakes to the next level.

Their craft beers. The beer they get are produced by small batch breweries from around the country just for Kalahari Resorts.  While I found the Space Monkey a bit too sweet for my taste (it was almost like a hard cider), I did love the IPA they call Hoptical Illusion.

If beer is not your thing and you prefer cocktails there is a list to suit every drinker whether it be rum, vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila or even brandy.  While I typically avoid cocktails in places that specialize in burgers and beer, this place would be the exception.  They serve the drinks in the proper glass, not just a martini glass filled to the top with ice.  We all know that is not a cocktail. They are paying attention to what they are serving rather than just tossing a bunch of mixers into a pint glass with ice.  I was glad to see Applejack on the cocktail menu. Most places don’t even carry it, much less know what it is. (It is a brandy made from apples, NOT an apple flavored brandy).  It is known as “Jersey Lightning” since the oldest family owned distillery is Lairds in New Jersey.

So where do you start with this delectable and enticing menu?  With the starters of course.  The Parmesan garlic wings are a nice departure from the typical buffalo wings (but they have those too), but if you want something quite spicy and sweet at the same time, you definitely have to have the Mango Habanero.

They have several unique burgers you are not likely to find anywhere else. The Cuban has shaved ham, roast pork, sliced pickles, dijonnaise, and Swiss cheese. The Oscar is a steak burger topped with lump crab meat, asparagus and béarnaise sauce and  served with Old Bay Waffle fries with rosemary and honey.  My favorite was the Cheese Head which is topped with beer battered cheese curds, bacon, lettuce tomato and Wisconsin cheddar cheese. For those who don’t care for red meat they do have an option called the Gobbler which is a house-made turkey burger, topped with stuffing and cranberry aioli.

All the burgers come with fries, but there is also the option of sweet red onion rings dipped in a beer batter and served with “B-Lux” sauce.  Trust me, these sweet red onion rings stand up and remain firm over the traditional white onions.

B-Lux has options other than burgers including soups, salads, chili, flat breads, hot dogs, fish, chicken and even steak and prime rib.  You cannot possibly leave this place hungry.

To end on a sweet note, they have a variety of shakes for kid and adults. Where else can you find a milkshake topped with a donut? Too sweet for your tooth?

B-Lux has “hard” shakes too for the adults.  The Kentucky Brain Freeze is a shake with Maker’s Mark bourbon, caramel and peanut butter.  Oreo A Go-Go has Oreo cookies, chocolate sauce, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kahlua. For those who are daring and want something spicy the Horchiata has cinnamon whiskey, Rumchata, and orange zest. The creamiest option is the Lost Weekend with vodka, Crème De Cacao, Nutella, toasted marshmallow, and graham crackers.





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