Bluff City BBQ

Bluff City BBQ

My friend is a BBQ aficionado, he has had it all over the globe.  So when he suggested BBQ I know he knew where to go and what to get.   He got this to go since we were sampling some craft beer and bourbon at home.  This time around he got a little bit of everything, but not all of it was great and we both agreed.

Let’s start with the best, and it is definitely the ribs.  These were so tender they literally fell off the bone like no other BBQ I’ve ever had.  This is the winner, and you don’t need the extra BBQ sauce they give you.  In fact, I found it to taste like very strong ketchup, almost like tomato paste.  These ribs are fine by themselves.

The next star of the show is the buttermilk fried chicken which has black pepper and garlic honey.  This is not a thick crunchy batter you might expect.  It is tender and delicious and the honey really adds a sweet note on the end, no pun intended.

Every dish comes with a mini cornbread cakes which are sweet, tasty but nothing fantastic.

The jambalaya was spicy with shrimp, andouille sausage, and two pieces of chicken spiced with the same spices as the rice.  It was not bad, but the shrimp and sausage was not too flavorful. The rice was the winner of this plate.

One thing to skip for sure was the burnt ends.  Typically these should be very tender but crispy ends of the smoked brisket meat. These were so tough we were barely able to chew them. Avoid this and stick with their other dishes like the pork belly.  This is like really thick bacon, this was really good.

The only side we had other than the biscuits and cornbread was the macaroni and cheese (mac & cheese).  Its fine as a side but their version was nothing spectacular, not bad, just not a ton of flavor.

They are open for lunch, but only for a few hours, they close and reopen for dinner at 5pm.  Check their website because currently they are closed Tuesdays and only open on Wednesdays for dinner.  Their hours are not typical, so definitely call first.  They have a brunch menu as well which looks very interesting.  If you do visit in person, bring your own beer if that is your beverage of choice when it comes to BBQ.  This place is worth a visit for sure though every item on the menu might not be a winner.

Bluff City BBQ “Southern Inspired Fare”
21 Midland Avenue, Montclair NJ 07042
Phone: 973-744-4657  Website:





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