Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon was a movie made in 1980 which starred Brooke Shields. At that time she was one of the first supermodels and was the face and body of Calvin Klein.  Like most teenagers, I was infatuated with her even though she was 6′ tall (I was too short for her) but she was a Jersey native and I would often hear stories about her from friends of friends.  The Blue Lagoon was almost considered soft porn at the time.  It was filmed on location in Fiji, a remote island in the South Pacific which claimed independence from the United Kingdom in 1970.

The most common recipe for this drink is vodka, blue curaçao, and lemonade.  It would seem perfect.  Blue curaçao and electric blue drinks were all the rage in the 1980s, as was vodka.  But at first I wanted to take a more authentic approach to this cocktail.  Lemons yes, nearly always in season on the island of Fiji, the blue curaçao for sure, simply for the color and the orange flavor, but I wanted to replace the vodka with barrel aged rum.  After all, in the movie, one of the items that made it to the island was a barrel of rum.

But thinking of this again, the original recipe will do just fine. It sums up everything that was the 1980s, vodka, electric blue drinks, sweet, tropical (though tiki was long dead at this stage of the cocktail culture), and while it could be called tiki or Polynesian (as it should).  It is totally an escapist cocktail since it focuses on a far remote island, paradise, and Brooke Shields in her day was definitely a very sexy, sultry vision of who you would want to be with on a desert island.


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