Bloody Caesar

A Bloody Caesar for The Ides of March

The Ides of March by the Roman Calendar is March 15th.  It is one of the most significant dates in history because it was the assassination of Julius Caesar.  All the other Caesars to follow him, combine, could not achieve what he once accomplished. This literally changed the course of history because this started the decline of the Roman Empire.  After him, lbloody-caesar1esser qualified men and spoiled offspring felt they were entitled to rule a once great empire just because of the “royal” bloodline.

Julius Caesar was a great but hardly a hard-headed arrogant man.  No one today can know for sure, but by all accounts, he refused to be called King and when a guest in someone’s h
ome, if the food totally sucked, he would simply take more of it as to not insult the host.  To me, that is a pretty humble guy.  For whatever reason, the senate thought he was getting too ambitious. Go figure, he had conquered half the world while still a teenager, but perhaps it was his romance with another teenager that scared them… Cleopatra.  He was in his 40s and she was probably not even 19 at the time.  No matter what the reason, he was, as most great men, too much for one to handle.  So, in a cowardice way, they all ganged up on him at once without notice. Of course he fought back, even stabbing with his quill (an ancient form of a pen, as it was the only sharp instrument he had on him), but once he saw Augustus, his nephew and possibly even his son come at him, he gave up and said “Et tu Brute?”
Brutus was Julius’ best friend, closest confidant and Julius even hoped he had succeeded him, but not like this.  The greatest book I have found on this is downloadable for free on iBooks and it is by ancient biographer Suetonius, entitled “Lives of the 12 Caesars”.  Read it, in one short read you will learn the cycle and habits of every one great and any empire that eventually falls and fails.  Its rags to riches, then the spoiled children feel entitled and ultimately bring it to an end.  Its true of the Caesars, the Vanderbilts, and/or any other royal family or family of great wealth.

An ancient astronomer once warned Julius to “Beware of the Ides of March” – he ignored it.  He took each day as it came.  Instead of New Year’s Resolution, reflect on this day.  Evaluate your trusted friends and colleagues, then start your new year from this day on.  You will know the ones you need to eliminate from your life, because it will be the first time in the new year they disappointed you.

This will be sobering, and you will need a good stiff drink because you realize you must have been drunk to trust this person before, perhaps over and over, but now its time to wake up from this hangover, and for that, the most appropriate cocktail is the Bloody Caesar.  Its not quite like the Bloody Mary, but much more Roman.

Bloody Caesar Ingredients:

  • 100ml Sicilian Blood Orange Juice: because tomatoes were still not discovered and brought back to Italy for at least another 1,500 years.
  • 20ml Campari, its red, its bitter, its Italian, so its totally appropriate
  • 30ml Grappa, basically this is Italian brandy, clear, un-aged.
  • 5ml Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Salt rim of glass
  • Sprig of Mint for garnish, or even to muddle into the drink.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR because this should be bitter, like revenge itself.

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