Blood Oath Bourbon

Blood Oath Bourbon

The retail on this bottle is around $90 according to some.  I managed to get it for $75 (which is probably the only reason I bought it.  Let’s face it, the whole bourbon scene has gotten out of hand.  Because its in revival now, with more being produced more than ever, you would think the price would come down. But it’s not, the price is sky high, especially when they market it as “rare” or in this case “once its gone, its gone” because its limited to 15,000 bottles.  Meanwhile, they are working on next year’s batch which will have a different name, bottle, perhaps even a different marketing angle.  As much as I love American whiskey, its hard for me to defend the marketing behind certain brands.

So, here is the truth in spite of the price.  It is sourced (which is not a bad thing), it simply means that the company does not distill it, someone else does, they oversee the production and market it as their own.  Again, its not a bad thing.  It happens in every business.  Even some of the nicer restaurants in New York buy meat from a butcher, they can’t butcher it themselves, so they give the meat supplier their “proprietary secret blend” of chopped meat for hamburgers and it is delivered and that taste becomes unique to that restaurant. If you want another burger like that again, you have to visit that restaurant again.  Its the same for so many things, and in this case, whiskey too.

Now the tasting.  It smells and tastes good. It has a bit of a burn in the back of the throat (some like that), and while it is very good, its not the best for the price range. I don’t think I would buy another bottle of it at that price.  All things being equal, I would put this more in the $50 range of other bourbons of this taste.

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