Big Eye IPA

Big Eye IPA

I am a big fan of Ballast Point Brewing Company. Nearly every one of their varieties I try go into my bomb shelter vault.  Should I ever have to be locked up inside for any period of time whether it be a hurricane, blizzard, apocalypse, whatever, beers like this come with me.  This one is fine, but more and more I am finding I don’t really like the high alcohol content in my beer.  This one is 7% which is about the same as half a glass of wine.  I tend to drink my beers just before dinner, so the last thing I want to be is drowsy while cooking dinner.  On a Sunday when I am cooking I like a beer while cooking, wine with dinner and an after dinner drink.  But if I have more than one of these beers that is 7% or higher in alcohol content I am usually taking a nap before dinner is ready or just after its been eaten.  I prefer to save the higher alcohol content drinks for when I have eaten and ready to not do anything for the rest of the night except relax.

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