Beer Temperature

Beer Temperature


Craft beer is quite popular these days.  I’ve always loved it and never much cared for the American Lagers. After a recent beer tasting it was revealed that the reason why lager beer companies want you to drink their beer ice cold, is so you really don’t taste it.  The lower the temperature, the more it “freezes out” the taste.

If you pick up a bottle of craft beer or even some more popular brands like Guinness, you will find labelled on the can or bottle the recommended temperature for storing and serving.  You won’t find that on a bottle of beer like American Budweiser, Mexican Corona, Venezuelan Polar or Brazilian Skol.  These are basically all your very same or similar beers.  They are only meant to be drank, not savored nor cherished, just simply to wash the food down or quench your thirst.  And there is nothing wrong with that, nothing at all.

In fact, some of the best experiences of my life were sitting on the beach in Fortaleza which is in Northern Brazil.  If you look on a globe or map you will see its nearly on the equator which is the hottest part of the planet.

The beer would come ice cold in an insulated plastic container and poured into a small glass. The first sip refreshes you, no need to taste it.  The second sip is what you taste but you don’t care because the shrimp caught right in front of you from the ocean come for to feast on.  The next sip simply washes down the food, and the last sip is warm.  Remember, we are on a hot beach in Brazil on the equator. So after that, if there is anything left in the glass, you throw it out onto the hot sand and refill the glass to start all over. Never once are you thinking of the temperature of the beer except that it should be ice cold and refreshing.  There is nothing worse than warm beer unless you are in Northern Ireland and drinking a Guinness at room temperature, then its ok because room temperature there is about 55-60F.

However, back here in reality, beer should be served at the temperature you like it, and if its a bit too cold, don’t worry, after a few minutes it will come down to the temperature where the taste is at its fullest.

Post & Photo by Justin R. Cristaldi

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