Beer is the world’s oldest and most widely consumed intoxicating beverage. It is only outnumbered by  water and tea.  It arguably can be traced back as far as 10,000 BC, but there is hard evidence that it existed and was made by the Ancient Egyptians in 5000 BC.  And while you might think it was the Germans that invented beer, they came late to the game in 3000 BC.

Even earlier evidence shows it was made in Iran and Iraq. As the legend goes, the Egyptian God Osiris taught ancient Egyptians the art of brewing beer with the main ingredient being barley and yeast.  It was stored in large clay jars and sometimes even flavored with dates.  That is correct, the craft beer movement was started over 7,000 years ago by Egyptians and not in Y2K by bearded hipsters in the United States.

Somewhere along the way, beer became very popular in Europe, and from there the United States it got really distorted.  Today what we know as beer is a very light pale ale with less than 4% alcohol by volume. This is not a bad thing, in fact its great for afternoon drinking on a beach, backyard or BBQ. It does not have a lot of flavor, but it is refreshing and goes down easy.

But now there is a renaissance of craft beer and the art of making beer in small batches with great care. No matter how you like your beer, from a keg, can or bottle, here are some articles you should like to read:


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