Batali Fallon

Batali Fallon

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So one night chef Mario Batali is on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon and he is doing a cooking demo and decides to make an impromptu cocktail using the rye he had on hand.  On the show it was Bulleit rye he was using, but any 90 proof rye should work.  It does not get more simple, pour 2 ounces of rye whiskey over ice, and give a good squeeze of half or quarter of an orange (depending on size).  That’s it.  Sip so you get the sweetness of the orange first and the bite of rye later, or stir and enjoy.  No sweetners needed, this is like a less sugary drink like Southern Comfort straight on the rocks. If you don’t have that on hand, this cocktail is perfect. Enjoy!

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