Basto’s Gold Joao Pessoa, Brazil

Basto’s Gold Churrascaria

My very first meal in Joao Pessoa was at Basto’s Gold Churracaria.  After 21-hours i transit, I needed a good meal!   So we went to Basto’s Gold. A churrascaria is basically a buffet where you pay one price per person and you have unlimited access to the buffet along with meat carvers who come to your table with prime rib, sausage, chicken, liver, steak, ribs, basically any type of meat you can think of.  Its all you can eat and if you are tired of eating you just flip your card from the green to red side signifying “no more” or nao mais por favor.  I didn’t see any seafood come around like in USA, but trust me there is enough food there to make you leave happy and full.

Instead of the waiter bringing you bread the meal starts off with shrimp and pastils pictured below. Pastils are different from empanadas as they are dusted with sugar instead of salt.  Equally delicious, but the small overcooked shrimp left us longing for more.

On to the buffet, not the largest, but certainly enough to fill the plate of even the pickiest eaters.  As you can see below, I was being very conservative in my selections and still wound up with a full plate. Gravlax (salmon cured with sugar); cheese empanadas; fried pineapple; assorted cheeses and cured meats; and other fried goodies I cannot remember or explain, but probably baccala fritters, etc.

The wine was great, a simple Cabernet from Chile, spicy but good.  I like the fact that all these places put the wine on ice in spite of the fact of whether its red or white.  Chilled wine is the best, eventually it will come up to room temperature, but when its warm its not as good as slightly chilled which eventually comes up to temperature anyway.

So, what was to follow were meat carvers bringing to our table prime rib, small chicken, chicken sausage, short ribs, marinated beef, chicken, chicken hearts, some other things, but all was good and/or acceptable.  I think I like the churasscarias here in the NY area better, more variety like pork, quail, turkey, roasted pig, etc.  No problem, its filling, its good and I think with wine it came to less than $60 total for 3 people.  You could not get this here in NY or NJ for less than $100, so its all good.

Basto’s Gold
Avienda Almiratne Tamandare, 900 – Tambau
CEP 58.039-010 – Joao Pessoa/PB BRASIL
(83) 3031-1099 /

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