Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze

There is something to be said for restaurant chains.  They are warm, friendly, consistent and mostly reasonably priced. The fact that you are greeted with a smile and someone takes time to explain the menu to you might not seem like a lot, but its these little things that really matter after a long day, or even a great day and you want to end it perfectly.

The food might not always be the most authentic or even the best. But it comes within a reasonable amount of time, and you never leave hungry or with your wallet empty.

So this is why I decided to give Bahama Breeze a chance. I could have went to Applebee’s, Chili’s, Houlihan’s or Fridays, but I’ve been to all those places before. And again, they do a find job of making tasty food served quickly.  Its not a gourmet experience, but it doesn’t have to be.  But this time I wanted something different since I literally walked out of the fancy place up the road because I simply did not feel welcomed. In fact, I felt downright uncomfortable.

Once I walked into this place we were greeted with a friendly smile, respect and as if we were friends or at least regulars.  It was such a pleasant atmosphere.  Though it was still very early Spring, it was not in any way warm out, but the soothing Caribbean music playing and the palm trees really felt like an escape. Dare I say it was almost like a Polynesian Tiki bar?

The part I loved the most is that they had sampler platters (like pu pu platters) but also “flights” of spirits, beer and yes mini margaritas.

Before you think I was in love with this place, I almost was until I tasted the drinks and for me, I did not taste any alcohol but a ton of sugary syrup.  My wife loved her “Bahama Mama” and to be honest that was one of the better cocktails or drinks I’ve had in a “fast casual” chain like this.  So, not all was lost.

The food is par for the course. Tasty, filling, but nothing you walk away from raving about.  I decided to try the shrimp and grits since it is something I’ve only heard about but never had.  The shrimp were not cooked well, the grits were not very tasty, and I think the sauce was probably the most flavorful thing on the plate.  Again, I must have ordered the wrong thing because my wife had a chicken dish and she loved it.  I guess I was too ambitious.

At the end of the day I still appreciate places like this.  They are reliable, consistent, affordable and friendly.



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