Baby Beach Aruba

Baby Beach Aruba

At the southern most tip of the eastern side of Aruba is Baby Beach. Remember, Aruba runs horizontally northwest to southeast. Its a beautiful beach, with a man-made lagoon.  Even for the most season sun worshippers it gets very hot, don’t even think of not using sun protection. Its at least a 45 min drive from most other parts of this island nation.  It is not that its all that far, but its a slow 2-lane highway.

Once you are there, it is likely you are going to want to use a restroom.  Unfortunately there is only one bar and you need to purchase something to use their restrooms. I did not buy any food, so I cannot comment on the quality or value, but the drinks were weak and not cheap at $7-8 each with barely any alcohol in them.  It is not that I wanted to get drunk, but certainly you want something for your money if you don’t like soda.

Gasoline also tends to be more expensive here because they know tourists will want to fill up before heading back up to the central part of the island.

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