Food & History: August 8

UNITED STATES - JUNE 26: Christian Steenstrup (1873-1955) of General Electric was responsible for the widespread introduction of domestic refrigeration when, in 1927, he designed the first all-steel refrigerator with a hermetically-sealed compressor mounted in a circular unit on top. The 14 cubic-foot refrigerator sold for 525 dollars in the United States, half the price of its competitors, and made General Electric the industry leader by 1930. This model was made by BTH (General Electric) in 1934 and supplied by the International Refrigerator Company of London. Front view, with door open. (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)

Food & History: August 8

1899  Albert T. Marshall receives patent for a refrigerator using anhydrous ammonia as the refrigerating medium.

1983  Rolla N. Harger dies.  He was a biochemist who invented the first successful test machine for blood alcohol content, “The Drunkometer” in 1931.

2006 Krispy Kreme donuts opens its first Asian outlet in Hong Kong.

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