Aruba is a small Dutch Caribbean island just north of Venezuela at the most northern point of South America.  Its about the size of Manhattan with 1/10th the population.  Manhattan has over 8 million people, Aruba has around 800,000.  They are made up of Natives (people born there whose parents and grandparents were also born there), and those people are a mix of people from the surrounding countries like the Spanish and Dutch, and of course many retirees from all over.

Known as “One Happy Island”, it is a relatively quiet, peaceful island with a low crime rate.  Native Arubans must speak at least 4 languages including Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamento (a mix of French, Creole and Spanish). The standard unit of money is the Florin, which fluctuates but currently is worth $1.75 American Dollars.  If you travel from the USA, don’t worry, they happily take American money all over the island.

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