Ariane Kitchen & Bar

Ariane Kitchen & Bar

Ariane Kitchen & Bar has been on my radar for a long time.  A friend of mine told me they have great cocktails and he was once the mixologist there, and I heard the food is great.  I was not disappointed, and the live music was a bonus.

From the outside it could be easy to miss. It looks like a non-descript industrial building next to a car repair station. Once inside the atmosphere is much like a sheik Manhattan lounge.

There are communal tables in the front, more private tables in the back.  We did not want to wait, so we decided to sit at the long communal table.  Ironically we sat next to another local restaurant owner which we are fond of.  This is a good sign that they are dinging here on their night off.  I notice they ordered the oysters and it’s my birthday so I don’t care what my wife says or what she likes, I am getting the oysters and I am so glad I did.  They were so delicious, the best cooked oysters I’ve ever had. Nested in their own shell, they are cornmeal crusted and sitting in delicious fresh horseradish cream.

As always, the best way to get a nice cross-section of any restaurant’s fare is the sampler. They allow you to order any 3 of their appetizers as part of the sampler. We got the jalapeño cheese tater tots (they come gluten free), brussels sprouts with pancetta (also gluten free), and the smoked gruyere mac & cheese which was phenomenal.

The cocktails are good. While I am a bit bitter prices for a drinks in any 20-mile radius of Manhattan are as much as an appetizer, the Hawaiian Mule & Pimms Cup deliver.  The Hawaiian Mule is a variation of the Moscow Mule but includes hibiscus infused vodka and orange bitters.  The candied ginger is  definitely a garnish you want to nibble on.

As good as those were, the drink to come here for is the “New & Improved Whiskey Cocktail”.  This one knocked it out of the ball park. A rift on the Old Fashioned, this one is nothing but. They use one of my favorites, Four Roses bourbon, along with Pedro Ximenez sherry, Absinthe, Luxardo Maraschino, Angostura bitters, and chocolate bitters.  This cocktail is worth the $12.

The real winner was the AKB Burger with fried green tomato, pickled shallots, cheddar cheese, harissa aioli, spicy pickle spear, house-made fries.  It is probably one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

Ariane is definitely one place I am going to return to. The prices might not be cheap for a local place that appears like a pub, but it delivers more like a fancy Manhattan lounge.

The live music was a bonus. This particular trio was playing Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles with a a more mellow feel.

This was a winner for sure. A+all the way around.


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