Ardbeg Scotch

Ardbeg Scotch


Spirit: Scotch Whisky
Origin: Scotland (Islay)
Proof: 92 (46% alcohol)
Price/Value: $50 but A+ rating, an incredible value

By far this has to be my most favorite Scotch Whisky of all time.  Its smooth, creamy, smokey and peaty.  All the things I would normally never love in my whiskey but somehow this works.  Even the color might not seem appealing.  Its a very pale light yellow that almost appears weak until you take one smell.  Take a sip and you know this is unbelievable stuff.  The best part about this is, that you can find it for under $50 per bottle.

One expert boiled it down to two words, “smokey bacon”.  I dont know about the bacon, but smokey for sure.

My retail whiskey expert told me “if you can drink that, you can drink anything”.  Which is to say, if you like this, this will be your bar standard when it comes to drinking other scotch.  But if you hate it, next time around choose a weaker, less flavorful scotch that you might buy off the middle shelf of your liquor store.

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