Aruba Airfare Hacks

Aruba Airfare Hacks

Finding discounted flight tickets to Aruba might not be easy, searches might turn up nothing, so here are some hacks you can use when looking for online discounted flight tickets to Aruba.

Recruit a Person You Trust in Another City To Book For You: Find someone you trust in another city to search for flights to Aruba for you. Yes, this works. You can find low fare air tickets if you search from a state or city you are not currently in. Try it for yourself, let someone you know and trust search for you. This works the other way around also. Booking a return flight when you’re still at home can be cheaper instead of booking it when you’re in Aruba.

Download The Skyscanner App For Price Alerts: Instead of searching the web all day long for the cheapest flights possible, just set an alert to get notified by email for the best price. There’s plenty of tools you can use to set alerts, like Google flights. But adding more than one alerts, means more chance to find cheap airline tickets. I recommend adding the Skyscanner app to your alerts! It’s free to download on your phone and you can save big bucks on airfare. The skyscanner app has different features and allows you to:

  • Find the best prices and top deals
  • Find the cheapest time to travel
  • Find the quickest routes to your destination
  • Stay informed when flight prices change

Buy 2 One Way Tickets: To pull off this strategy you need a flexible schedule. There’s a downside to this practice you have to take into consideration – if your departure flight gets cancelled (due to weather or any other circumstances). If you buy your one way ticket on a intermediary website (with different airlines), you may encounter problems when trying to find reimbursement. Because of airline policies, it can be harder for you to ask for a refund for the unrelated flight. The best solution when buying 2 one way flights is to book direct with the same airline, so you’re in a better position for a refund, just incase.

Use The Hidden City Ticketing: A friend of mine who was flying back from Aruba to Newark, managed to book a flight that was going to ultimately land in Fort Lauderdale, with a stop in Newark first. He got off the flight in Newark, and saved himself over $150.00, compared to if he booked a straight flight to Newark. Hidden city ticketing allows you to book a destination for less money, but you have to get off the plane before continuing to the end destination. The only catch is you can’t have checked bags, because your baggage is routed directly to the final ticketed destination.

Unless you plan to go to Aruba with minimal a carry-on, hidden city ticketing can be risky. If you can’t find find a hidden city opportunity on your way to Aruba, you can use this strategy to find a return flight. This will not work for everyone and it can be controversial, but if it applies to you, why not take advantage of it.

The best way to find these “hidden city ticketing flights” is to use this website that was made specially for that – It’s not a travel company, you can’t book here. It’s just a tool you can use to find cheap flight information.

Use Expert Flyer Program: This program is an online tool you can use to find almost anything you need to know about airline schedules, so you can make an informed decision before you buy your tickets.

What do you benefit by using Expertflyer?

  • You can check awards & upgrades for different flight classes in one convenient place.
  • You can look which seats are available on any flight before you book
  • You can set an alert for the exact seat you want for a specific flight when it becomes available (you don’t have to log in the airline website everyday and hoping to find a seat)
  • The ability to see which flights have empty business or first classes, giving you the best chance for upgrades.
  • It shows flight timetables, to see an airline’s schedule for a specified route (helpful when searching for departure times and aircraft type).
  • There’s so much more you can do with expertflyer that will give you the advantage of finding the best price on flights to Aruba!

They have a free version you can try for 5 days. But the paid version gives you so much detailed info about airlines. – Find Flight Availability, Flight Upgrades & Awards, Frequent Flyer Information and more!

What You Should Remember: It’s not easy to get discounted airfare online, but that doesn’t mean cheap airline tickets don’t exist. But if you implement proven strategies that have helped thousands of Aruba visitors to score steals, you could also be saving big money on travel expenses. Know before hand what you’re willing to pay and set price alerts to get notified immediately, this saves you time of being in front of the computer.

The Sky scanner App is an awesome tool and its free.  It gives you alerts on big discounted air fares.
Skyscanner Android App Download || Skyscanner iOS App Download

To find the best deals you’re going to need a very flexible schedule for vacation, because airlines have flash deals online, or make mistakes in the airfare, it’s a opportunity that should be grabbed right away!

Article contributed by Angelo Limon of Vacations by Aruba


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