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Mayan God of Intoxicating Spirits

It is safe to simply call Acan the God of all Spirits.  The Mayan culture revolved around growing seasons and set their calendars by it.  Acan himself was said to be represented by fermented honey and also included ingredients like bark from the Balché tree. Some say his name means “belch” but I think it was just lost in translation.  Fermented honey with bark sounds like bitters to me, which means the Mayans produced the first cocktail thousands of years ago.

Justin R. Cristaldi
Chief Executive Editor
Acan Journal Media Content Manager

Long before there were blogs, Justin has maintained JRCX.COM and publishing thousands of pages of recipes, cultural notes, restaurant reviews, notable biographies and trivia statistics.  It was like a mini Wikipedia in the early days of internet content back in the 1990s. Once blogging took over he consolidated Sicilian Culture, Daily Trivia, Travel & Cocktails all into this one site, Acan Journal.  Acan is the name of the Mayan God of beverages. Rather than go with a common theme like Bacchus, Acan was perfect as it represents all his passions such as food, travel, drink and history.

Angelo Limon
Vacations by Aruba
Acan Journal Contributor

Founder, writer and photographer for Vacations By Aruba, Angelo has lived his whole life on the beautiful island of Aruba.  He writes helpful travel tips for those who choose Aruba for their next Caribbean destination and contributes much of the news and noteworthy items to the Aruba Section of Acan Journal.

Ray Wyland
Tiki With RayRecords with Ray
Tiki Triangle Section, Acan Journal Contributor

Ray Wyland lives in Seattle, Washington and maintains TikiwithRay.com – a blog that is dedicated to all things Tiki. Ray often travels around the country checking out and writing about Tiki bars. Just like any other Tikiphile, he loves his Tiki drinks.  His favorite being The 1944 Trader Vic’s Mai Tai. Sometimes he likes to write about these Tiki drinks and will even show you how to make them.


Gary Alphonso
Mayan Artwork Contributor

Gary is a freelance illustrator based in Toronto, Canada.


Anny Dominguez
Venezuela News & Spanish Contributor

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