Macallan V


When I first saw this in a liquor store I saw it behind what looked like a bullet proof glass case and had a price tag of $5,000.  I thought to myself it must have been from a private barrel owned by Napoleon, a King, or even raised from the Titanic.  While its history is not as rich as its price tag, it had taken years of Macallan’s master whisky maker Bob Dalgarno to curate.  According to Robb Report, he had to sort through nearly 200,000 barrels in the Macallan’s cellars.  The oldest of which was distilled in 1940, all matured in first-fill oloroso-sherry casks.

So I have a friend who has very expensive taste.  When I saw this I took a photo with my iPhone and ask him if he wanted to get it since it was on sale.  He told me he had a bottle.  I gasped first then simply did not believe him until he took a photo and sent it to me.  At this point I did not know him well enough, but I instantly thought that if he was not a multi-millionaire, was just plain foolish.  I am still not sure which category he falls into, but after he sent me a 50ml sample, I don’t care, he is my new best friend.

He had sent it along with some other samples can labelled this one “Mystery Scotch”.  Even being new to scotch as a serious taster, you can tell from the color alone this was something special. When I tasted the first sip, all I can describe is that it was as sweet as really fine aged rum.  It was rich, flavorful, smooth, and probably the very best spirit I ever had.  And with a price tag of $4-5k, it very well should be.  I don’t know if I can ever find the value or justification of buying something like this that can be consumed in just a few minutes.  If it helps, there were just 355 bottles made available in the United States according to the statement below:

The Macallan’s classic resiny, raisiny richness is abundant in the M, as are plump cherry and fruit-filled sherried overtones, but then comes notes of lemons, leather, cedar, apples, violets, and a long, tobacco-laden finish. Bottled in 2013 at 89 proof, the Macallan M is intended to be an ongoing (albeit rare) addition to the brand’s 1824 series of top-tier whiskies. The Macallan is initially offering just 1,750 bottles, priced at $4,500 each, with 355 reserved for the United States. (


No matter what the case, yes, the finest spirit I’ve ever had.  I consider myself very fortunate not just to have friends who know how to return a favor 10 fold, but to know what its like to taste the best of the very best.  This one goes on my list of finest spirits I’ve ever tasted, and that list also includes Michter’s 20yr old bourbon, Pappy Van Winkle 20yr old bourbon, Bruichladdich Black Art 1990, and a handful of others.  If you break it down to the ounce, I personally would never pay $300 to have another taste of it, but if you have that kind of money, you can never pass it up.

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